Power Bank Charging cable key ring


Brand new charge and sync key ring.

Now you will never run out of power, keep your emergency charging cable

with you on your key ring.  Plug in your phone at a friend or use with a power bank.
(See www.chargingcables.co.za for more ideas)

charge cable

Cable for power bank

Price: *R 89.00 each ex vat.  

Includes a full colour print on 20 or more. Setup R 200.00

Has iPhone 5 and Micro USB adapters
Functions as charging cable and Sync cable

Terms and Conditions:

*Minimum order for branding 20 units, free setup

Minimum order 10 units, less than 10 units charged at sample price of R100.00 each

Our turnaround is 6-7 working days.  Faster turnaround subject to rush fee.

All prices exclude Vat – Our prices do not include delivery


Dual purpose power bank – Memory stick and power bank in one!

We always run out of phone power and we always need a memory stick.

Introducing this awesome power bank and memory stick in one.

 Memory Power Bank MB2200 8Gb

8GB Memory – 2200mAh battery capacity
– *R 219.00 each excluding vat. Read more

Lipstick shaped POWER BANKS – We can make any custom design

We are now able to offer custom made power banks.   See our lipstick shaped power bank example below.

This image belongs to gecko media

Lipstick power bank

Lipstik Shaped Power Bank


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It’s sexy and its slim – the hottest power bank in SA right now!

This power bank model has been unanimously voted as our hottest model right now!

Its the Slim 2400mAh Lithium Polymer Power Bank.   Only 2000 on hand, first come first served.


Slim power bank 2400mAh

Slim power bank 2400mAh2

This awesome design has a built in Micro USB Cable as well as an iPhone 5 adapter. 

These two adapters alone cover over 99% of mobile phones in South Africa.


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A power bank with a logo that lights up. Max exposure

Once again, we have another extremely innovative power bank on offer. This model is
4600mAh and has a light up logo panel that illuminates clients logos from the inside.
This model also features our class leading
3 in 1 charging flat cable.

Light up logo panel power bank

Light up logo panel power bank

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10 000mAh Power Banks – Charge your iPad twice!

We have landed stunning 10 000mAh power banks called the SuperBoost.  This power
bank features unique port sensing technology that allows it to deliver
the correct power to various
devices that are plugged in.  These are known as new generation power banks.   This model also
features our stunning 3 in 1 charging cable.

SuperBoost high capacity power bank 10 000mAh

SuperBoost high capacity power bank 10 000mAh

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Power Bank with built in memory stick

This power bank is another world first. It’s the popular 2600mAh fragrance

power bank combined with a memory stick.  It comes with our unique

high power throughput 3-in-1 flat cable which is in a quality league of its own.



Power Bank with built in memory stick

Power Bank with built in memory stick

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Silver Tube power banks in stock, Free branding!


We have our popular Power Tube 2200mAh power banks back on special.

These can be laser engraved.  This model also features our 4 in 1 charging cable.
We now carry 8 models,  see www.facebook.com/powerbanks.co.za for more.


PowerTube 2200mAh power bank

PowerTube 2200mAh power bank



Price available on request  – *Includes laser engraved logo. 

FREE SETUP – Minimum to brand *20 units. 

Power Tube Specifications:


Capacity: 2200mAh 
Output: DC 5V, 1000mA (max)
Input: DC 5V, 1000mA
Cycle life:
500 times
Operating Temperature: -10
~ 60 
4 in 1 cable: Old iPhone, New iPhone, mini USB  and *Micro USB.

*Micro USB can charge most phone brands including:

Samsung, Nokia, HTC, Sony, Blackberry and many more.

(See www.facebook.com/powerbanks.co.za for all new models)