South Africa implements specifications for a power bank

In 2015 the National Regulator for Compulsory specifications (NRCS) implemented a requirement that all power banks must meet safety specifications.   This is a decision we welcome due to the large number of bad quality power banks being imported by unscrupulous or ignorant people.  We are proud to say that we have complied and gained all the necessary test reports for our top quality models.

We only sell to promotional and gift companies who in turn resell to the end user. Many of our re sellers have asked the question why create a brand?  The answer is simple. the NRCS regulations require that all power banks must have a brand name and model number.

We have taken extreme measures to ensure our power banks are as safe as possible. These measures include ensuring all our models have safety test reports.  These reports are undertaken for both the complete power bank, the electronic circuit and the battery.  Our models also have CE and RoHS certification.  All of our test reports and certification are done by SGS.