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PowerTube 2200mAh power bank

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Lithium Polymer battery

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Power Banks have become one of the most popular promotional and corporate gift items in a very short time.  Modern mobile phones and tablet devices are very power hungry, most don’t last a full day under intensive use.  Power banks allow you to charge these devices while on the run.

If you are looking for power banks to give away as promotional items then you are at the right place.  We keep many models in stock and we offer some of the most unique models in the world.  We have been selling power banks since 2011, we know how to source great quality batteries.  The batteries we use in our power banks all have certification that conforms to European and American standards.  In addition we also have IEC 60950-1 safety test reports on the complete power banks.
We offer a one year swap out warranty on all our power banks.



We have just launched a brand new range of power banks called the C SERIES.  These models are among the most advanced power banks in the world.  The C SERIES power banks feature advanced second generation power bank technology.   The quality far exceeds other power banks.  One side of the power bank has not print allowing us to brand these in glorious full colour.

The C series is offered in the following capacities:

C25 – 2500mAh

C50 – 5000mAh

C100 – 10 000mAh

Advanced features:

85% conversion rate, this means you get more power fr0m the battery.

High efficiency built in cable plus additional output ports

UL Certification on batteries

IEC 60950-1 test reports on power banks (Safety reports)

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20 000mAh Power Delivery – QC3.0 power bank

PD 2020 20 000mAh power delivery power bAnk


The PD2020 power bank charges compatible devices up to four times faster than conventional power banks.  Fully compatible with Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 and it supports Huawei fast charge protocol.  (FCP)

Special features:

  • Supports Huawei FCP (Huawei Fast Charging Protocol) at 9V 2A.
  • USB Type-C (Input and output)
  • Power Delivery protocol
  • Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 / 3.0
  • Auto start charge
  • Through charge – You can charge the power bank while it charges your device
  • Battery – LG Premium Lithium Polymer cells
  • Fire retardant casing

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