Power Bank safety

Power banks are now one of the most popular promotional items in the world.  The sad reality is that there are many unscrupulous people who are importing inferior quality power banks into South Africa. In certain cases its companies that simply do not know any better.

We have created two Brand name power banks, Gadmei and Powercharge. This is a little unconventional for promotional power banks yet we have done this for a number of important reasons:

  1. It’s in line with recently implemented SA national regulator for compulsory specification requirements that all power banks should have identifiable markings nrcs.org.za
  2. We meet specifications and safety test reports now required by law in South Africa
  3. If there is a problem with a power bank we can verify that it is ours
  4. We are proud of our quality and safety specifications

We have taken extreme measures to ensure our power banks are as safe as possible. These measures include:

  1. Ensuring all our models have safety test reports for both the power bank as a whole and the battery cell itself.
  2. Using a single ISO9001 accredited factory to ensure quality throughout the manufacturing process.
  3. Confirming CE certification
  4. Confirming RoHS compliance
  5. Accepting only test reports from highly reputable testing agencies. In the case of our power banks, SGS.

It’s very common for Chinese factories to claim to have all sorts of certification. The fact of the matter is that very often this certification has no relevance to safety testing or safety specifications that a power bank should have.

Our promise to you
Gadmei or Powercharge brands of power banks with the www.powebanksafety.co.za web site printed on the packaging have been manufactured to the highest possible safety standards. We can assure you that:

  • We have carefully checked our factories certification and safety test reports.
  • The batteries used in our power banks are from a top manufacturer in China. This factory is also ISO9001 accredited and has all relevant EN and IEC safety test reports.
  • We comply with the South African Nation Specification requirement. (SANS Act)

Our power banks are sold with a 1 year replacement warranty.