Unique concept power banks

Selfie Button Power Bank – Bluetooth model

The selfie power bank model is very unique, it is a power bank with a selfie button built into it.  Not only can you charge on the run but you can also use it to take photo’s from up to 10 meters away.

Solar power bank 5000mAh – We keep limited stock

The solar power bank allows you to place it in the sun to charge.  A few days in the the sun will give you a full phone battery.  The 5000mAh capacity translates to almost two full charges on most phones.

Light up logo panel power bank 4600mAh

When you plug your phone into this power bank the logo panel lights up. We put full colour domed decals into the recess. This results in stunning branding that leave a lasting impression.   We will be keeping white housings in stock.  Other colours are available one 1000 units or more.

Memory bank 2200mAh with 8GB memory – Low quantities kept in stock

Another great product is our memory bank, this is a power banks and memory stick all in one.   At this point it is only available in 8Gb, the factory is working on higher capacities.