Laptop Power Banks

We stock two Romoss model laptop power banks, 15 400mAh and a 23 400mAh model.   We will only have small quantities on hand but it is possible to get stock from our supplier within 3 weeks if needed.  Romoss laptop power banks are class leaders when it comes to laptop charging.  They have a number of patents which leaves them streets ahead of the competition.

Laptop charging power banks are in high demand due to the power hungry nature of modern laptops.   The ability to charge a laptop is a lot more complicated than plugging into just any power bank.  Standard power banks have a 5 Volt output.   The different brands of laptops work on input Voltages that range between 14V and 20V.  These specialised power banks have a solution for this, this power bank that can adjust it’s output power automatically.   This is a patented technology called eUSB and it is exclusive to Romoss models.

Laptop Power Bank outputs

Romoss eSofun6 Laptop Power Bank outputs

This laptop power bank comes with it’s own power adapter, this specialised power adapter allows the power bank to be charged rapidly at up to 3A.  The power bank input also has a special IC which allows it to be charged a lot faster than regular power banks.  These models can be fully charged in 4 hours as opposed to 15-20 hours that an average power bank this size would require.   See the picture below of the seperate power adapter supplied with the power bank.

Laptop power bank

Romoss charger shown with power bank. 15 600mAh


This power bank also has a special cable that has multiple tips to plug into the various laptop power inputs.  These laptop tips vary in diameter so they can fit into different brands of laptops.

Power bank for laptops

Laptop input tips supplied with power bank

For prices and specifications on the Romoss laptop charging power banks please call us on 011 234 4501.  Alternately you can email us on sales(at)