Cheap Power Banks


We have sourced only high quality power banks with high safety specifications on both the battery and the power bank as a whole.   You can rest assured that you are not buying low grade batteries or cheap electronic circuits.   Many Chinese companies have perfected the art of cutting corners.  If you ask them for a cheap power bank they will sell them to you, all they do is lower the true capacity of their battery or use recycled laptop batteries.   They will also use lower quality PCBA’s that don’t offer adequate protection.

Our power banks meet the following specifications:

UL Certification and safety test reports for all batteries

IEC 60950-1 safety test reports on whole power bank

CE, RoHS and TUV certification

Our specialised capacity testing equipment

In order to test the true capacity of a power bank you need specialised testing equipment.  You need to be able to test output duration of the battery while placing a load on it.  We have invested in this equipment so that we can test our power banks ensuring you top quality all the time.