A power bank with a logo that lights up. Max exposure

Once again, we have another extremely innovative power bank on offer. This model is
4600mAh and has a light up logo panel that illuminates clients logos from the inside.
This model also features our class leading
3 in 1 charging flat cable.

Light up logo panel power bank

Light up logo panel power bank



Price available on request – *Includes full colour domed decal

Artwork and setup charge R 200.00


Light up Logo power bank specifications:
Capacity: 4600mAh lithium polymer

LED logo function: Uses a patented light injection display

Output: DC 5V, 2000mA – can charge iPad!
Input: DC 5V, 1000mA

Outputs: 1 x USB port

Cycle life: 500 times

Adapters: Old iPhone, New iPhone and *Micro USB.

*Micro USB can charge most phone brands including:

Samsung, Nokia, HTC, Sony, Blackberry and many more.


(See www.facebook.com/powerbanks.co.za for all new models)

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